2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy Review

2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy Camera: Exploring Wildlife in Crystal Clear Fashion
2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy Review

If you like spying on wildlife, the level of excitement that comes when you are looking for a trail camera is as high as a child waiting to open birthday presents. Having a trail camera lets you keep photos of rare animals, such as a bobcat. It can also let you observe the strange behavior of common animals, or even catch a trespasser. The 2-piece Moultrie Game Spy camera is perfect for these purposes.

Trail cameras allow you to get to better observe your surroundings, including the animals that live within your area. If you like hunting, then the Moultrie Game Spy camera can let you see where the biggest deer lives, as well as enjoy documenting the growth of a certain animal year after year.

Key Features of the 2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy

10-Megapixel Mini Camera with No Glow Feature

The Game Spy is a 10-megapixel infrared mini camera with a no-glow feature for easy scouting. For only less than $400, this product is affordable enough for you to monitor your surroundings. Its new Mossy Oak Camouflage design and No Glow technology would keep your camera hidden without getting noticed. The camera remains undetectable, helping you obtain true census without sacrificing image quality.


Motion Freeze Technology

The Moultrie Game Spy camera also offers a 70-feet night range. Its Motion Freeze technology can help you take quality images with less night-time blur. In addition, this unit has 4 operational modes: a time-lapse plot camera, an infrared-triggered plot game camera, day and night HD 720p video, and plot camera by day and motion detect at night.

The infrared flash, in addition, reduces the amount of red light seen by game. You can use the time-lapse mode to capture activities throughout the day. This will help you determine when wildlife is more active.


2-inch LCD Screen Display

This Moultrie spy camera has a built-in 2-inch LCD screen display that enables you to see videos and photos on-site in a crystal clear fashion. With this, you can view each photo with barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, date, time, and camera ID stamp to prepare you for your next outdoor adventure. If you wish to see and delete images, you can easily do so through the LCD screen.

You can also see the images better by using the camera’s 3X-zoom function. Its FastFire Continuous Shooting technology will allow you to take up to 4 photos per second. Fast, indeed! This camera can hold up to 9,500 images on 8 AA batteries and can accommodate SD memory cards of up to 32 Gigabites. The batteries and SD cards, however, are not included.


Equipped with Sturdy Case and Password Protection

The Moultrie Game Spy M990i is password protect. Yes, you can keep your photos and videos protected. This feature allows you to keep on taking images and videos with a peace of mind.

Its camouflage casing, meanwhile, is very sturdy. The unit also comes with a strap that will keep it secured, day in and day out. The camo design works perfectly, especially during late-season hunting. The camera also does not have any problems with the wet weather as the casing keeps it nicely secured from possible water-damage.


Outstanding Battery Life

This spy camera can still take high quality images, even on standard and battery-saving modes. The batteries are easy to change, as well. You can opt to use rechargeable batteries to save money, or use the solar panel to keep the unit running through the day.

Summing Up

Hunting requires a lot of resources, time, and skill to determine where the animals are and when most of them are out in the wild. While the old ways would still work, trail cameras can save you from the endless waiting or setting up a deer stand. You only have to figure out the locations, and then the trail camera will do the waiting for you. With its camouflage design and top-of-the-line quality, the 2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy camera is your best bet.