Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

bushnell trail camera reviewsThis camera is one that is leading the industry in a few areas.  The batteries can last up to a year and it offers approximately 1-second trigger time.  It has a “Field Scan” mode that is a time-lapse technology that will offer you the “big picture” of wildlife patterns on your property.  It will take pictures at set intervals during the times you set it to.  (From one minute to one-hour intervals).  You get a much larger coverage area since animal movement doesn’t trigger it.

Product Details:

  • 8MP resolution
  • 32-LED flash, with 45 foot range
  • One second trigger speed
  • Almost 5 second recovery time
  • Field Scan time-lapse photography
  • Full color resolution day and night
  • Up to 60 seconds of video with audio with sound
  • Motion activated day and night PIR sensor (Passive Infrared)
  • PIR sensor is adjustable
  • Weather proof construction
  • Compact design
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries
  • One set of batteries lasts up to 1 year.  Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this.
  • Mounts with adjustable web belt


  • Can be tough to remove batteries
  • Night photos look dark
  • Close-up photos can appear blurry


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The battery lifespan offered from Bushnell cameras is virtually unbeatable.  This is a great feature if you live far from the land you hunt or are just simply too busy to be worried about changing batteries all the time.  Equipped with a 32GB SD card (not included), you could practically scout the entire off-season on autopilot!


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam:

I have owned several different trail cams over the past 5 years. Some good, some just fair, some bad. The battery’s life and the fire up response time to take a picture is very important…  Northwoodsman – Read The Full Review From Amazon

My one complaint is that there is nothing holding the batteries in place so that if you close the camera up, get ready to mount it and then handle it a bit too rough the batteries can pop out of place and now you have a non-operating camera which also clears the time/date setting…  C. Pina “cap” – Read The Full Review From Amazon


This Bushnell game camera offers 8 MP’s of resolution, unlike others in it’s class.  Full color during the day and black and white at night.  As stated earlier, the battery life is incredible and unmatched in the industry.  The Field Scan Time-Lapse photography feature allows you to scout your land without even stepping foot on it if you don’t want to.  The one-second trigger speed means you aren’t going to miss those important shots.  If you prefer a more realistic view the video option with sound will give you what you are looking for.  It’s small enough to easily conceal but “big” enough to deliver great results. Another option worth checking out is the Primos Truth Cam.


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bushnell trophy cam reviews


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