Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review

Best Game Camera Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro

The Plotwatcher Pro is unconventional to say the least.

The Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro review is a bit different, as it is quite unlike other trail cameras that are on the market.  With no detection circuit, it is used solely as the name suggests… as a plotwatcher!  It is purely a time-lapse game camera.

Some people feel that the absence of a detection circuit is a negative thing, but Day 6 has a compelling argument for their philosophy.  It is a bit of a trade off.  On a more traditional camera you usually have a time-lapse mode, but the shortest intervals are measured in minutes.  With this trail cam, you can take pics every 5 seconds, so it allows you to watch an entire field and not miss any of the action!

Product details:

  • HD game camera that takes pictures every 5 to 10 seconds
  • Allows you to analyze a potential hunting spot without manually scouting location
  • 2.5-inch LCD for onboard camera setup
  • Captures up to 1 million video images
  • Game Finder software lets you review files in forward/reverse or scroll frame by frame
  • 1,280 x 720 video resolution
  • Up to 32GB of SD card storage
  • Supports add-on zoom lens



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Taking photos exclusively on time-lapse does have a couple of advantages.  The primary one being that you aren’t limited by the range of it’s detection circuit.  Because some of the conventional best trail cameras only take photos when their detection circuits detect movement, they are limited by the performance of their detection range.  The Plotwatcher Pro will take photos of the entire field, so you will capture distant animals not possible with a traditional game camera.


Check out this sample photo:

Best trail camera reviews Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro

These bucks would have almost certainly not been captured by a traditional trail camera.


One of things that I don’t love about this trail cam is that in order to save memory on the SD card, it stores photos in a video format.  Wildlife can sometimes appear blurry because of this, especially when they are over 100 feet away.  It isn’t entirely bad though.  Blurry animals still let you know they are there and no camera on the market has a 100+ foot detection range.  So you will at least be able to tell the type and relative size of wildlife that may have been otherwise missed.


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro:

Pros: Improvement over the 2011 version (a great camera) on menu selection, ease of programming, SD card instead of USB & long battery life. SD card can be viewed in the field by separate viewer – nice.

Cons: Strap to fasten to a tree/post etc is shiny BLACK – attracts attention of other hunters (possible theft). No other support method can be used except the strap…

hobo – Read The Full Review From Amazon

The pro is a good product. I have a lot of infrared game cameras, but I bought this to observe large food plots. A deer has to cross within 30 feet or so of an infrared camera but the pro takes a shot of entire plot every 5 seconds so you pick up deer in the whole plot. The battery life on the pro is great. It’s been out 6 weeks on daytime only every 5 seconds and battery meter…

S. Butler – Read The Full Review From Amazon


Whilst other trail cameras take pictures of game exclusively in the foreground, the Plotwatcher Pro will catch them whether they are 10 or 250 feet away.  You can see exactly where that elusive buck is going, regardless of whether he comes right up to your camera or not.  This gives you an extreme advantage when you are trying to determine patterns and is the closest you can get to spending the entire day scouting the area yourself.  The biggest difference there is that it only takes 6 or 7 minutes to view a full 24 hours of footage!

This camera is pretty easy to set up with the one-button design.  It also comes packed with features you will find to be useful and convenient.  There is a 2.5 inch LCD screen for onboard camera setup, camera status messages, video aiming, support for an add on zoom lens (not included) and can accommodate up to a 32GB SD card.  Combine that with the ability to record up to 1 million images and 3 times more battery life than most other cameras…and you have the ultimate companion for scouting fields and food plots!


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Plotwatcher Pro best game camera review

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