Don’t Lose Your Trail Camera!

While you are out setting up your trail cameras, you will undoubtedly spend a bit of time trying to hide them. Both from the animals as well as other hunters. More than ever, trail cams are becoming a vital part of scouting.

Unfortunately, may times you can also be hiding them from yourself! In 2014, some of these cameras blend right in just hung on the tree in plain sight. They are, on average, the size of or smaller than your hand.

It’s easy to get mixed up, no matter how well you know the property you hunt. Especially if you have more than one camera. There is a simple step you can take to make sure you never find yourself in that situation.

GPS the location. It’s really that simple. You don’t even have to invest in a full-fledged GPS. There are free iPhone and Android apps that will do just fine.

You can either mark down the coordinates somewhere you will be sure not to lose. Or take a picture of the camera with the location displayed on the phone.

Pay attention to Security

Thieves are unfortunately everywhere. I know people who have had cameras stolen off of even private property. Deer and animals may not give a second look to your camera on the tree, but people will.

You should invest in locking Python cable, or a security box if at all possible. These cameras can get quite expensive. Maybe adding to the cost isn’t in your budget…

Something you may want to try is to camouflage your camera. You can either build a bark casing for it, as seen in this video, or use some chicken wire around it to add sticks and other pieces of brush to try and hide it.

Keeping it away from public areas or roadways or well-traveled trails will go a long way too. Just get a bit creative and be sure to remember where you put it!