Moultrie D-555i Review

Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera

In an effort to edge out the competition, the Moultrie D-555i wide angle game camera packs all the bells and whistles required for today’s hunting and hiking optics. We are talking about HD video footage, high resolution images and a variety of programmable options that will add a new dimension to your photography experience. And as if all that isn’t enough in itself, this beauty comes at quite a reasonable price! 


Product Details:

  • Features Moultrie Camouflage
  • 2″ built-in LCD screen
  • SD memory card slot
  • HD video with sound (720p)
  • 8.0 No glow infrared game camera
  • Motion freeze to reduce nighttime blur
  • Provides 90-degree wide field of view
  • Multi-shot (1-10 pics)
  • Barometric pressure, temperature, time, moon phase, date and camera ID stamp
  • Password protected
  • Provides 4 Operational modes- Time-lapse plot camera
  • HD video day and night
  • IR triggered game camera
  • Plot camera by day motion detect camera at night
  • 16:9 widescreen images and video
  • Illumi-night sensor for bright and clear nighttime images
  • 1-30 minutes picture delay
  • Integrated strap loop with Python cable compatibility. Note that the cable isn’t included
  • Owner’s manual


  • IR flash range is too short
  • 10-second recovery time
  • Memory card is not compatible with Mac
  • Motion sensor technology and audio recording features are oversensitive
  • Poor clarity


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Check out this sample photo: Moultrie 555i game camera review sample photo


Although this camera has its share of drawbacks, it is also worth noting that it’s value is particularly good especially if you consider the fact that it features 8-megapixels while other cameras in the same price range only offer 5-megapixels. Plus, it is remarkably light and packable, making it quite convenient for backpacking and hiking. And if that doesn’t set you off, then the no glow infrared flash should definitely get the ball rolling! This feature, in conjunction with the Illumi-night sensors, work to produce brighter and clearer night time images.  Functional, useful and unique…these words sum up the thought process behind the design of this powerful trail camera!


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera:

For under $120 this trail camera is quite amazing for what it can do. While not the fastest trigger, and not the best resolution or night distance, the wide angle lens makes this camera. I tried the 990i and returned it. This one came in, tested it and bought a 2nd one…
Steve H. – Read The Full Review From Amazon

I have several Moultrie cameras and decided to try out this wide-angle one. I was less than thrilled. As soon as temps dropped into the 20’s the pictures starting getting blurry and the camera starts taking dozens and dozens of pictures for no apparently reason…
SF – Read The Full Review From Amazon


With a 90 degree wide angle view, motion freeze technology and 16:9 widescreen videos and images, this camera is your best accomplice when you want eyes and ears on your favorite food plot or hunting ground. Better yet, the no glow infrared feature makes Moultrie D-555i the only no glow trail camera in the market, a very useful feature for anyone looking to get the best shot.

To top it all off, Moultrie is well known for its durable cameras and this model is no exception, so you can reasonably expect years of service. Even into the off-season!  Still, perfection is itself an abnormality and this camera has a few flaws of its own. For one, it’s sensitivity poses an issue such that you might end up with countless pictures of trees blowing in the winds rather than wildlife activity. However, it is hard to beat the price making this trail camera an undeniably good buy! 

The Moultrie D-555i offers what photography aficionados refer to as ‘fish-eye’ field of view, enabling you to cover twice the area with a single camera, an option much coveted among hunting circles. It is this and the many other features mentioned above that make this camera worth the buy, try it for yourself!


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Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera
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