Moultrie M-880 Review

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This offering from Moultrie has become a popular trailcam solution due to the fact that it provides so much value and quality for a relatively low price tag.  One of the things people have really liked is that it is so small. Moultrie has basically taken the M-80XT and given it HD capabilities, a faster trigger, longer detection zone and longer night range.  All in this durable, compact little package.  The case design and size make it pretty easy to hide as well.

Product Details:

  • 8 MP resolution
  • Time-lapse mode for food plots
  • HD video, day and night, with sound
  • Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
  • Fast Fire continuous shooting (1 to 4 pics per second) and multi-shot (1 to 3 pics per second)
  • Trigger time is less than 1 second
  • Recovery Time is less than 3 seconds
  • Low glow infrared flash, up to 100 ft. range
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries
  • Take up 9,500 + images on one set of batteries Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this.
  • Compatible with external power sources (not included)
  • Python® cable compatible (cable not included)
  • Threaded inserts for game camera mounts
  • Wide detection zone


  • Can go through batteries quickly
  • Picture clarity can leave a little to be desired in some situations
  • Reports of sporadic functioning in the cold


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Check out this sample photo:

best video camera for hunting sample


If you have used a Moultrie M80 in the past, you will immediately notice the improvements made to the detection circuit.  Specifically the trigger and recovery time.


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Moultrie M-880:

I’ve had the chance to use this for a month now. It has good detection range, more than 40 feet the manual states. More like 70 ft., I’d say. It takes great nighttime pics, and the LED’s really light up the night. You can just barely see a faint cherry red glow when they activate…

B. Arnold – Read The Full Review From Amazon

I bought three of these almost 5 months ago. I set them up on my property in November and left them out there all winter. I put the good expensive batteries in but it was a bad, cold winter. I just went and collected all three cameras. I expected the batteries to be dead and/or the 32 gig mem sticks to be full. Neither was the case. They were taking pictures in below zero weather…   

Brad – Read The Full Review From Amazon


This camera is pretty much a redesigned M-80XT.  It has a faster trigger, HD video capabilities and a longer nighttime range.  It offers 8mp resolution and a nearly invisible low glow infrared flash.  (At worst, it looks like a taillight).  You get the time, date, camera ID and moon phase stamp on each photo.

On the 8 AA batteries, you have the capacity to take up to 9,500 photos.  Fast fire and multi shot settings are amazing.  You can catch 2 pictures of the same buck before he has even taken a step, and it has Motion Freeze at night to help reduce blur.  Add all this to the dependability and durability Moultrie is becoming increasing known for and I think you have a camera that competes with models ABOVE it’s price range. 

If this camera does not have all the features you are looking for, check out my personal favorite: the Moultrie-990i.  For something that covers a wider area, the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is an excellent option!


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best game cameras review moultrie


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