Do You Need A Trail Camera?

When you first start out hunting you know that you are going to need a gun or a bow.  Some means to take down that trophy buck. A lot of the time, people are led to believe at the beginning that it is that easy.  It is not.  There is a lot of resources, skill and time that are spent in determining where these animals are.

The old ways still work.  There is no doubt about it.  You can find deer by locating a trail intersection or assumed feeding ground, setting up a deer stand or hunting blind.  And Trail Camera Reviews Close Up Buck Picwaiting. And waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  (You get the point!)  There is no guarantee you will ever see anything either.  Or anything worth shooting.  You may see a bunch of immature deer, never getting a sniff of that elusive trophy buck.  Though it is likely he has gotten a sniff of you!

Once you realize and can finally accept that you are not going to get anything at your current location, you have to tear down the stand, locate a new spot and then start all over again.  As I mentioned earlier, if you are able to acquire this skill it certainly works.  But you are going to have to spend a lot of “wasted” practice time out there.

A trail camera will do this for you.  You will have to figure out the locations, but it will do all of the waiting.  You set it up and return in a few days to check out the film.  You either have a memory card full of great pics or you don’t.  If you do not, you find a new spot and return in a few more days.  Rinse and repeat.  It still takes practice, knowledge and skill to find the locations but it saves a ton of time.  It will also reduce the spreading of your scent throughout the hunting ground.

There are other reason as well.  You will sometimes be able to use them for proof.  We have all been alone in the woods scouting and come across an animal that was seemingly out of place.  Or something otherwise out of the ordinary.  If you can catch some of these instances on film, everyone won’t think you’re making things up.  Even if you haven’t seen any in person, you will be surprised at some of the things you may see on your game camera film!  Animals can do some pretty weird things when no one is around.

If you incorporate any kind of baiting into your hunting routine, you will also be able to use trail cameras to monitor your results.  If the wrong kinds of animals are taking the bait, or there isn’t enough traffic in the are you can always switch it up or move locations.  You will also be able to track patterns of the bucks as well.  If you they are moving away from an area in the morning and returning at night, you can bet you know the general area they are sleeping.

A lot of the best trail camera reviews out there today will focus on security.  This is yet another completely legitimate use for a trail camera as well.  Some of us have cabins in remote locations.  Wiring up a security system can cost a fortune.  Hanging a trailcam only costs a couple hundred at the most.  There are even some that can send pictures straight to your cell phone!

If you aren’t yet fully convinced that one of these cams can increase your potential of taking that trophy buck, you should check out some of the best trail cameras on the market today and see for yourself.  Whether you decide to go the old way or the new way…Happy Hunting!