Primos Truth Cam 35 Review

Trail camera review Primos Truth Cam 35

Primos Truth-Cam-35

This model is an interesting unit because it gives you everything you could possibly hope for as far as your budget is concerned, but leaves a little to be desired in the way of performance.  Similar to other trailcams in this price range, you just can’t expect to get what you’ll get from the higher end cameras.  Simply put, it wouldn’t be fair.  That said, this camera will get the job done.  The pictures are overall very usable in determining what wildlife is in your area.  Even some of the blurrier night pictures are good enough to tell if that big buck passed by.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Review

Product Details:

  • 3 MP Resolution
  • 35 Infrared LED
  • Nighttime flash range 40 feet
  • Photo stamp includes date, time, temp, and moon phase
  • Holds up to 8 GB SD card
  • Live screen preview for easy setup
  • Trigger speed is 1.5 seconds. (Only.3 sec’s when out of sleep mode)
  • Delay settings of 10 seconds, 1 min, 30 min


  • Powered by 4 D cell batteries
  • USB reader needed for connection to some Apple laptops
  • Night pictures can be blurry
  • Some pics whiteout under heavy canopy


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It comes in a black, non-reflective case, and while it isn’t really a mini-cam, it’s slim profile makes it fairly easy to hide.   Some will say the 3 MP resolution is not enough, but I disagree.  I do not see a huge difference between 3 or 8 mp in trail cameras visually.  But there is a big difference in how fast it fills up the SD card and runs through batteries.  8 GB is more than enough for this model and the battery life is pretty good as well!


Here are what a couple of owners had to say:

I have tried several inexpensive game cameras, kept this one. I like the easy setup using dedicated switches instead of software function programing. Specs calls for trigger at 30 feet max range. The night photos are not well illuminated beyond 10 feet from camera. The daylight shots are fantastic.

chazz4 – Read The Full Review From Amazon

This camera has given me a good idea of what goes on in my back yard at night (lots of rabbits, a coyote and a stray dog). I don’t need it for daytime photos but since I can’t switch off daytime photos, I just have to delete them later.

Note that the daytime shots are 3.1 megapixels whereas the nightime IR shots are 1.3MP. This makes the night shots grainy. However, since I was looking for what was on my lawn, not for shots to show people, it is sufficient.

D. Thompson – Read The Full Review From Amazon


There aren’t a ton of frills or features built into this camera.  It is a pretty basic model that does what it does very well and boasts a price under $100.  The picture quality can leave a little to be desired (especially at night), and if you place this ion an area with a heavy canopy…you may experience some whiteout pictures.  It is much better suited for use in an open field or area.  If you can know the downfalls going in, and play to it’s strengths, you will find it to be a pretty solid gamecam for the price.  If you were hoping for an option with some more features, start here!


Primos Truth Cam 35 Review



Game camera review Primos Truth Cam 35

Primos Truth Cam 35


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