Reconyx HC500 Review

Trail camera review Reconyx HC500

   Reconyx HC500 Review

Reconyx game cameras offer the absolute top quality out there on the market. The “Cadillac” of trailcams, if you will. They are made in America and you will know what you have the instant you hold it in your hands. The lightning fast trigger speed and recovery time, picture quality, durability and overall attention to detail are going to leave you extremely satisfied. The only downside to speak of is the price tag, though you are most definitely getting what you pay for in this one. I would also argue that spending this kind of money once for quality, is cheaper than a couple of lesser quality cameras that may not last.

Product Details:

  • 3.1 MP or 1080p resolution
  • Low Glow Semi-Covert IR Flash
  • Flash range of 50 feet
  • Rugged weatherproof case
  • Adjustable bungee cord for mounting
  • .20 second trigger time
  • Takes up to 32 GB SD card
  • Photos stamped with time, date, temp and moon phase
  • 12 – AA batteries
  • Password protected


  • Night shots can be blurry/fair quality (Better than most IR cameras though).


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Check out this sample photo:

Trail camera reviews Reconyx HC500 sample pic

A curious buck stares into the lens of a Reconyx HC500.


For all of the great things you can say about this camera, it does produce a dim red glow. If you are looking for a completely covert model, you should check out the Reconyx HC600, as it is indeed completely covert. The detection circuit in these cameras is the best you can get. Almost as soon as something steps into view of the camera is already taking another picture! The batteries last an extremely long time as well.


Here are what a couple of Reconyx HC500 owners had to say:

This is my 6th trail camera that I have purchased over the years. I usually put out the trail cameras in early July and keep them taking pictures through the deer hunting season and until the deer shed their antlers in February. This camera does not get noticed by the deer like my other IR trail cameras …

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Reconyx puts out a quality trail camera! I have Bushnell’s and Stealth Cameras and its amazing when set up right next to each other how many more pictures the Reconyx gets! You won’t find a faster trigger speed or recovery time in the commercially made cameras! Yes, you can buy 2 or 3 of the other cameras for the cost of One Reconyx but…  

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This is a tiny camera that packs an unbelievable punch. With pictures offered up in brilliant 1080p HD, you can truly enjoy the benefit coupled with the exclusice Ultra HD IR camera lens. It can take and write pictures as fast as 2 per second! The quality is unsurpassed, even by other cameras in it’s class. Just pick it up and you will immediately be able to tell you are holding a superior product. It has a rugged weatherproof case and comes with Buckview mapping software for Windows computers. The price is really the only drawback, but it is definitely worth every penny!


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Game camera reviews HC500

Top quality game camera.



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