Scoutguard SG580MB Review

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The HCO Scoutguard 580 MB is a cellular trail camera.  Theoretically (depending on the “remoteness” of your hunting location and the quality of your cellular signal) you will be able to view pictures taken from this camera 30 seconds to 1 minute after they are taken.  The advantages of this technology are huge.  It is really going to change the way we are able to use them going forward.  They are especially useful in the security context, as you can notify proper authorities immediately, if you wanted to.

With that said, the technology isn’t quite perfected yet.  This is still a great camera and the pictures do come to your phone.  It could take a little extra time to set up and get used to, compared to some other trail camera models.  You will also have to pay for a data plan and text messages to go along with this phone.  The trade off is that you won’t have to use any gas to check out your photos. 

Product Details:

  • 5 MP Resolution
  • Transmits pictures over cellular network (either by message or email)
  • Text or call notifications over cellular network
  • Blackout invisible IR flash
  • Quick trigger time
  • Build-in color display
  • Sound recording
  • Support up to 8G SD card
  • 34 High-Output infrared LEDs
  • Ultra low stand-by power consumption (<0.2Ah/month), extreme durable and convenient with AA batteries (>80days)
  • Temperature and moon phase stamp on the images


  • The case is shiny, which could possibly draw attention to it.  Easily remedied with a little camouflaging.  (Which should probably be done anyway).


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Check out the sample photo:

Best trail cam HCO SG 580 example photo


Assuming you have available cellular service, you can literally view your images from anywhere in the world.  You must have an activated (paid for) SIM card.  You may need to take it to an AT&T store to have it activated.  After that though, it is all convenience!  It will help to save you time, fuel and polluting the area with your scent.  (Sorry, but it’s true).  You can even have the pictures set up to be sent to multiple phones, so if you have a hunting group or club you belong to, you could just share the pictures or split the cost.  It works as a traditional trail camera as well, with up to an 8 GB SD card.


Here are what a couple of owners had to say about the Scoutguard SG580MB:

This camera takes a little time to set up and get to work, but once its set up, it works great. I use an AT&T go phone pay as you go plan with unlimited texts. This costs $20/month. And once hunting season is over, I don’t have to continue paying for the cell phone service. It also works better than I thought with the marginal cell coverage in my area. I’m getting every picture the camera takes delivered straight to my cell phone within a minute…

Luke – Read The Full Review From Amazon

I’m using this camera to keep and eye on activity, both two and four legged, around some property that I just bought. This thing is great! As mentioned before… setup takes a bit of time but when everything finally clicks it works flawlessly. I also bought the security box that goes with the camera…

S. Parker – Read The Full Review From Amazon 


It is important to note that the pictures you get over the cell phone are not the highest quality you will ever see.  It makes up for it in convenience though, in my opinion.  The technology is still evolving and it is at it’s earliest stages at the moment.  The pictures that are stored on the SD card though, are crystal clear and nice and crisp.  There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but it is not difficult to use on an ongoing basis.  It is a high quality camera that offers a bunch of cutting edge features.  There are plenty of reasons to love this camera, but it’s a must have if you might use it for security purposes!  If security is not a priority for you, there are a ton of other options available!


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