Scouting the Off-Season

So hunting season has wrapped up.  Your trail cameras were instrumental in your success this year…so it is time to go out and collect them all and bring them in.  Not necessarily!

Keeping your cameras up year round has benefits.  You can use the off-season to see “who” has survived the year and get some really great photos.  If it is legal in your area you can even bait to help and get some of them on film!  A pile of corn works wonders.

Shed hunting is another useful possibility for trail camera use after the season too.  A one-antlered buck is sure to have dropped his antler somewhere around the camera and will be doing the same with his other shortly!

There are a few considerations though.  The batteries you use are going to have be able to handle the cold.  (Obviously assuming you live in an area that gets cold).

Also, if snow is in the forecast, I would go out and check the film and change the batteries before the first flakes start to fall.  Especially if you hunt state land.  Going to your cameras with snow on the ground will help to lead people right to them.

Be careful on state land though, I need to say that again.  Camera thefts do rise during the off-season, so you should weigh that heavily into your decision.