Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision (4mp)

Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera Reviews

The Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera (4MP) is one of the most budget friendly trailcams available on the market. Combining years of research and innovation, it comes packed full of features you would expect in much more expensive models.  The night photos and videos compare with the more well known cameras and it is so easy to use that you probably won’t even need to open the instruction manual!

Product Details:

  • Powerful resolution- the camera comes with a 4 MP resolution which gives the user a clear focus and image quality. 
  • Simple to set up- unlike other cameras that take much of your time setting up and connecting the pieces together, the Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision (4MP) is different. It is easy and fast to set up.
  • Infra red night vision- The camera comes with state of art LEDs that are invisible to the game. This enables you to get the perfect shot without scaring away the target. The low glow LEDs can work up to a range of 30 ft.
  • Motion activated sensor- Even if the target object is moving, the camera can be able to capture great shots and videos. This is made possible by its Motion-activated PIR sensor which covers a range of up to 25 feet.
  • Battery life- this is a very powerful component in any camera. Without a long-lasting battery, all your adventure will come to a stop sooner than later. This is precisely why Simmons equipped this camera with 4 AA size cells having a six month battery life.
  • Stamped photos- In case you want to recall the date and time that you took certain images and video, this camera makes it possible for you. It carefully picks the system time and imprints it on the images making the memories complete and perfect.
  • Expandable memory- while using this camera, the last worry that you will have is the memory capacity. With 32 GB of external memory, you can literally capture a whole month of events without exhausting the space. 


  • Slight delay options- when you are capturing motion pictures, there seem to be a slight delay with the motion sensor. It takes like a second or two meaning the target could have moved.
  • Battery power consumption- because of the added features and functionalities, power consumption is slightly higher compared to the basic cameras. To contain this, you may have to settle for more powerful batteries such as lithium.
  • Picture quality-as you near the limits of the specified range the picture quality turns out slightly washed out. To be on the safe zone, you need to move closer to the object so that it doesn’t reach the limits of the camera range.


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Check out the following sample photo:

Simmons Trail Camera Sample photo


Compared to its excellent features such as infrared LEDs, expandable memory, stamped photos and easy to use functionalities, this Simmons trail camera rises above it’s criticism. The slight demerits such as picture quality, battery power usage and motion sensing can be solved by making some adjustments.


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera:

This little camera is a work horse! Our needs had nothing to do with hunting – we wanted to find out which house cat was leaving “puddles” – found out the first night we put up the camera! Also found out there is a heck of a lot of activity going on in the house while we are sleeping – no wonder cats sleep all day !! We have gotten a ton of laughs with this camera…

S.K. Mangus – Read The Full Review On Amazon 

It takes decent photos and videos within the roughly 10 – 15 foot range of it’s IR at night. Daylight is of course fine at any distance. There’s really only one problem I had for MY use (may not be an issue for you). I was trying to see what my cat was doing in a particular spot…

Jim (Arizona) – Read the Full Review From Amazon


At the price it is retailing, this Simmons trail camera is one of the most affordable on the market. It comes with a great combination of features that makes your game hunting the most exhilarating experience possible. The quality and clarity of the daylight and night videos is absolutely amazing. Trying to avoid putting a trail camera under the canopy when possible is advisable regardless of the model.  

The LED glow is so low that the bucks will hardly notice it. This will make it possible for you to track your game and get the best video clips and shots without bother.  This compares really well to other models in the same class.  All in all, this is an excellent value for the price!


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Simmons Whitetail Trail Cameras Review

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