Spy Point Live 3G Review

SpyPoint 5mp Cell Cam Review

NOTE – 10/16/2014 – Since I did this review, this camera was raised in price and I believe it is NOT worth the money.  There are better options out there.  I left it on here so you can make your own decision, as this is just my personal opinion.

Wherever you can access the Internet, you will be able to quickly retrieve all of your photos from this camera, as well as adjust any of the settings from wherever you want!  It can be from your smart phone, tablet, computer…just hit a few keys and all of your scouting information will be at your fingertips instantly!  You will no longer have to waste your valuable time or fuel to get your photos and you will no longer have to disturb your hunting area unnecessarily!  That being said, this camera is not a great value for the price, and I would suggest checking out other options.

Product Details:

  • 5 mp resolution
  • control camera from anywhere you have Internet access
  • 3.5 inch viewing screen
  • will send alerts when new pictures are taken
  • 48 Infrared LED flash
  • Video option up to 90 seconds
  • Stand a lone, cellular and security modes
  • Solid detection zone


  • Have to choose between picture OR video
  • Battery life is very short, should consider solar panel option
  • Difficult initial set up
  • Casing feels flimsy for the money
  • Large/bulky camera


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The alerts you are able to receive from this camera are not just limited to a “new photo” alert.  You can set it to send an alert if the batteries are low or even if the camera gets moved!  It takes high quality photos (5 mp) during the day.  The night time black and white photos are decent, but leave a little to be desired much like other night time photos.  The night time visibility is excellent though, with the 48 LED’s.  It will record up to 90 seconds of video.  Although you will need to choose picture OR video, as it will not do both at the same time.  It also has a time-lapse mode and multi shot, where up to 6 photos can be taken each time the detection circuit is activated.  The security options for this camera are awesome, with the instant notification.


Check out this sample photo:

Best trail camera reviews Spypoint Example Photo


Here is what a couple of owners had to say about the Spy Point Live 3G:

I purchased this camera for a new construction home site that I wanted to keep an eye on. The camera worked exactly how it was advertised. Its a 5MP camera that uses a 3G sim card to upload pictures. It’s not an IPhone. You can remotely access the camera and change settings as well as specify if/when you would like to receive photo uploads…

Keith M. – Read The Full Review On Amazon

This camera can only capture up to 6 pics, 5 seconds apart. Leaves a lot to be desired if what you’re interested doesn’t stop to strike a pose for the camera. Add in that it can only retrigger after 1 minute and you miss a lot of opportunities for capturing images. The manual and their site says a “special” mode exists that retriggers after 10s, however what they don’t tell you is that it is a very specific key sequence to enable it…

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The cell cam technology is still relatively new and being perfected.  There will almost undoubtedly be some issues to work out being on the early side of the curve.  That being said, if you live far away from where you hunt or want an easy choice for security for a lake property or cabin you really can’t beat the convenience of having pictures sent right to your fingertips!  It could be worth the initial hassle for those contexts.  For many, a more traditional game camera may be a better option at this point.  When you compare the price tag to other cams in the same range,it is my opinion that your money would be better spent on a different camera.


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Picture of a SpyPoint 5mp Cell Cam



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