Spypoint 6MP Invisible Infrared Camera Review

Spypoint 6MP BF-6 Review PicThe Spypoint 6mp Invisible Infrared Game Camera is a great option that allows you to easily scout game without spooking them. It is an extremely popular model due to its invisible black LEDs and it’s five zone sensor that allows you to achieve centered images and a fast trigger speed. It provides beautiful color photos by day and black and white photos by night. Holding up to 32GB of storage and a battery life of up to 3-4 weeks, you can be sure that you will be able to get great use out of this camera.
Product Details

  •  Set of 46 LED’s
  • 6 mega pixel resolution camera
  • Compatible with solar panels
  • Adjustable distance detection sensor from 5 to 65 feet
  • 5-zone detection motion sensor
  • Up to 32 GB expendable memory
  • Uses a set of 6 C cell batteries
  • Python lock security
  • 12 volt external power jack
  • USB and TV port


  • Does not time stamp videos
  • Night pics can be very blurry/white out


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Check out this sample photo:
Spypoint 6MP BF-6 Review Sample Photo


This is what a couple of owners have to say:

Night pics are a little grainy, and often times do not show up very bright, having said that I’ve never had a game camera that took great pics at night.  Daytime pics are very good, battery life is excellent, and overall this is a good camera for the money…
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The night photos are good. Some of the reviewers didn’t like the quality of the night photos. I’m not sure what they expect. I’d say the distance of the night photo is about 15-20 feet. Of course it’s not crystal clear, but you certainly can tell what kind of critter you have in the photo…
Cindy – Read The Full Review On Amazon

This Spypoint Game Camera has many great features that other models struggle to keep up with. It is extremely easy to program, so those new to trail cams are able to get extensive use out of it. The camera also has a wide detection zone, excellent infrared range and daytime photography is extremely clear and high quality.

However, it also has some features that aren’t ideal. This Spypoint Camera struggles a bit with night pics. (I think the Moultrie 990, for example, offers much better night quality pics).  When taking photos of game that’s on the move, the photos come out extremely blurry. Also when the objects of the photos are too close, it has a tendency to white out.

Overall, the Spypoint 6mp Invisible Infrared Game Camera is a great game camera. The only let down of this camera is that the shutter speed is just a little too slow for night photography. It’s easy to use and the battery life is good. The camera’s daytime pictures are higher quality than other similar cameras on the market today.


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Spypoint 6MP BF-6 Review Pic
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